Our goal is top at the heart of creative IT industry as a digital creators.

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Takneek was created on our core principles of actually providing a service that helps clients succeed. Since we began as Takneek Web Development in 2017, we have continued to learn and refine our process as the industry evolves. Along the way we developed advanced quality control and reporting, internal and external continuing education for our team and a cutting edge content development and designing team. With only 5 dedicated team members, Takneek has amongst the top 10 web development in Pune. Takneek is led by an experienced team, which provides strategic direction and support for the company. Our team hands-on approach has led to Takneek becoming a multiple recipient of numerous “Best Reviews” on google local business.

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Our Mission

We are deeply dedicated to the long-term growth and success of our clients and our people. We are dedicated to producing measured value and the believed results. We’ll truly question your challenge, create fresh opinions around the project where the results may vary.

Our Excellence

We aim to give the highest levels of service through high performance, constant improvement also excellent efficiency. We lead by example to reach our goals.

We aim to deliver the necessary levels of service over high production, constant business develop.

Our Strategy

We are ecstatic about what we do and who we are. We are committed to the achievement of our clients and our people. We work hard to grow better at what we do. We are excited about what we do and who we are. We are committed to the success of our customers.