Search engine optimization is a set of measures aimed to improve the position of the site in search engines result. Web-users on a regular basis look for details about services or products. The purpose of this search is usually the desire to make a purchase or request a service. The user enters the web search query and receives back a list of connections to the sites that meet his request. In many cases, the user looks throughout the first result page, TOP 10. The reality is the order of the search results page is generated by certain rules.

The more the site matches the user’s request, the higher is the place where the link to this web site is displayed. By optimizing the site in order that it might be better adjusted to the algorithm internet search engine, you can increase its position on the pages of the search results page. It’ll increase the number of visitors, and along with it – the number of orders. Having a few financial expenses and little time, you may still attract the Internet sales floor a significant number of potential buyers from the main search engines. Provide a considerable rise in the numbers of references from the web site! telephone calls, e-mails, applications, and orders.

Consequently – increase the sales and of course the profit of the business, make the company successful and competitive. Composing the semantic core – the analysis of the real needs of the prospective clients in search engines to efficiently attract interested visitors. Researching the competitor’s web sites, that will assist to build a correct internet search engine optimization strategy at the lowest cost. Analyzing the web traffic and giving the recommendations to improve the conversion of the visitors into the clients. If you wish to attain the effective results – compare the goals of the website’s development and the results of the audit, determine the best methods of operation and use of the existing factors – the current state of the resource and its positions in search engines.

Removing the technical defects that negatively affect the development of the resource, correcting the structure and navigation. Analyzing and correcting the texts considering the control of plagiarism and keyword density, the necessary condition to promote your site is the right keywords and key phrases in the text. Changing the HTML code, correcting the meta tags. Purchasing and intelligent positioning of the links to a site selected on the basis of the chosen requests, increasing in the total reference/link weight, checking the links for the efficiency and competitiveness. Binding the web site to the development area – correcting and clarifying the contact details. Maintaining the results means a constant search of opportunities to grow and strengthen the results, the development, and implementation of the improvements.