To be a new blogger or for a new website one should know some main points about Keyword difficulty…such as what is it, how is it calculated and what is its importance. Some of these points a new blogger should know are explained below.

What is the Keyword Difficulty in SEO?

Keyword difficulty (also referred to as keyword competition) is one of the foremost vital metrics. You must take into account once trying for keywords. The upper is that the keyword difficulty, the tougher it’s to rank on the first SERP due to high competition of the ranking websites. It’s an important metric aboard with exact monthly search volumes and SERP analysis. It determines a variety of keywords
that may assist you to boost SEO, bid on keywords in PPC campaigns, and far additional.

Why is the Keyword issue important?

In easy it’s a brilliant necessary part of the keyword research process. Besides monthly search volume and different factors. The keyword issue helps you choose the most effective keywords for SEO. The only issue is that every tool measures keyword issues otherwise. In fact, our recent analysis of widespread keyword tools found that their issue scores were everywhere the place… even for constant actual

How is that the Keyword SEO issue calculated?

The calculation relies on the chosen metrics by Moz, Majestic, and our ability, namely:

1. Domain Authority
2. Page Authority
3. Citation Flow
4. Trust Flow

What subsequent steps do calculations consist of?

1. We calculate the general Link Profile Strength (LPS) for each web site that ranks on the
The first Google SERP supported the chosen Moz and Majestic metrics.

2. Each metric contains a totally different weight to form positive the results estimate however the
important rankings evolve the maximum amount as doable.

3. Finally, we tend to take under consideration each high and low LPS values to calculate the
general Keyword SEO issue.

4. The final worth calculable however laborious it’s to start out ranking on the first SERP thus it
takes over ever into thought websites with low LPS.

5. It’s completely alright once a low-authority web site outranks high-authority websites and
that’s precisely what the Keyword issue focuses on.

What is a decent worth of the SEO difficulty?

The Keyword issue is indicated on a scale from zero to one hundred. The lower the worth, the better it’s to rank for the keyword on the first SERP. Keep in mind that the “real” SEO issue might vary. It depends on your’s on-page and off-page SEO skills. Of course, the keyword issue isn’t the sole issue you ought to have faith in once trying to find the most effective focus keyword.

Does everyone want to learn how to increase website traffic? Who doesn’t! As a blogger, you want your blog to rank high on Google and show up in the results for every relevant search. So here are some tips to follow to increase website traffic and a high rank on Google with blogging.


Target the Right Keywords: Keyword research is the most vital part of SEO. This should be the first thing you should work on when you plan to learn how to start a blog. It lays down the foundation of your optimization and you should not get it wrong. By targeting the right keywords, you can help Google to understand what your content is regarding. This increases the likelihood of popping up your articles in response to a search. Here are tips to target the right keywords

Focus on one keyword per article: Focus only on one keyword which helps you laser target your article for that keyword.

Focus On Low difficulty Keywords: Keyword difficulty is a vital metric you need to keep a watch on whereas selecting a keyword for the blog articles. The higher the keyword difficulty, the much of fierce the competition is, and therefore the more durable it’s to rank for.

When selecting keywords, the overall rule of thumb is to search out those that have a decent traffic volume with low competition.

Specialize in Long Tail Keywords: Long Tail keywords are three or four phrase keywords that are terribly specific to what
you’re merchandising. They are usually simple to rank due to their low competition. 

Improve Your Website’s User Experience: Having a good user experience is directly related to achieving higher search ranking and organic traffic. User experience is based on many things, for e.g. a user lands on your website using a search query for the best keto diet. If you are page isn’t well designed or doesn’t have the relevant information then the user will hit the back button to go back to the search results.

Invest in a Good Link Building Strategy: Gone are the days when webmasters used to get links from forums and web 2.0s using
exact anchor texts. These links have zero value and you won’t get far if your link building strategy includes getting links from these sources. A good link building strategy should emphasize on building quality content because let’s face it, no one will link to your content if it isn’t good. Once you are confident that your content is linkable you can start reaching out to influencers in your niche and ask them to link back to your content if they find it valuable. There are many other ways through which you can get backlinks.

Some of them are:

  • Broken link building
  • Guest post

All the above 5 tips will help a new blogger to flash up at the top in the google and for a website to increase traffic. Now some Things to keep in mind, The SEO problem isn’t the sole metric on that you ought to base the keyword research. You’re on a nice track once you created an inventory of keywords relevant to your niche with low SEO difficulty. However, it doesn’t indicate your job is over. You should take into consideration metrics like search trends, average monthly search volumes, CPC, and PPC competition.

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