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What is the difference b/w Domain and Hosting?

Domain and Hosting are the two main and pillars of any website.

When some client call us they really don’t know even the difference and requirements for their website about Domain and Hosting.

Here i will try to explain the difference and need as much easy as i can.

Let’s take a example from our daily life. Domain is like your contact no. if someone wants to contact you he/she must have your contact no. or your contact no. must mention in somewhere in the directory so that person can contact you. Similar Domain is same if some one wants to contact your business online by website he must know your domain name. However here is bit difference that you can choose your domain by whatever name your want until some didn’t buy it, but yes you still have a chance to get the same domain if someone has taken the same the one which you want for example. You want a domain name like www.yourbusiness.com but if someone has taken it already than you can take it as www.yourbusiness.in or .co.in, .net, .org, .online, etc. it will not affect your business until the same domain is very popular in the market that is the only reason that people look for the .com domain instead of something else.

So assume you domain is like a sim card/ phone no. which is useless until you insert it into the phone no one will able to contact you.

Here comes the hosting part. Hosting is something which keeps all your file database, images, everything what ever you want to reflect in your website.

So assume your Hosting as a smart phone so when you insert your sim car (Domain) in your smart phone (Hosting) you could starting getting the call.

As you can choose you smart phone and put ring tone, wall-paper, cover, games etc. Same you can do in your Hosting that you can design and keep any type of file you want like home page where you can over-view about the site, About Us page where can tell about you and your company, Forms where you can keep your customers database and details.

If your smart phone has less amount of storage and you put lots of image, music, games it will starting hanging or we can say it will slow down. Same thing will happen with the Hosting also if you have a starter plan (20GB Storage, Shared account, 5 email. approx numbers) and you start putting lots of files in it and so many users start using it at particular point of time you site may be slow down or server down.

Same as you upgrade your smart phone when it start hanging you can do it any time with out changing you phone no. (Domain).

Pricing as you can buy you phone no. at very low price and some time some operator provides free with the new smart phone.

Same go with the Domain and Hosting some service provider provides you free domain name when you buy new hosting from them. They have different type of Hosting plans basically are of two types like Shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting is where multiple websites are there where small business site or static site which don’t have lots of data in it can use shared hosting. As here multiple user sharing the same server it will not you very much. Where as Dedicated hosting has Dedicated server where only your website will be hosted there which make your website load faster and good of big business and eCommerce site and it will cost you more.

All the charges of Domain and Hosting are monthly quarterly, annually charged depends on the service provider. Check out our plans.



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